Informed Choices RPM July video Three Things

Considering Abortion?

Get Answers! Sometimes, life doesn’t seem fair. Your pregnancy has come at a difficult time. It’s unplanned, but we’re here for you. We care about you and your abortion decision. You probably have lots of questions about abortion, and we want you to be aware of the facts. In order to know which type of… Read more »

Strength for life’s tough choices.

Informed Choices Medical Clinic is For People Facing Tough Health or Social Decisions…….. At Choices you will be guided through four steps: 1 Clarify the Decision. 2 Identify your decision making needs. 3 Explore your needs. 4 Plan the next steps.

Oral Sex – What You Should Know…

If you can’t get pregnant through oral sex, then it must be safe…right? Here are the facts. Judge for yourself whether it is a “big deal” or not. But first, let’s define what we are talking about. What is oral sex? Oral sex is the contact of on person’s mouth or tongue with the genitals… Read more »