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One out of every 4 sexually active teens have an STD. One out of every 3 adults have an STD. Do you have an STD? We test for all 7 of the top STDs and STIs.

Hurting After Abortion?

Post Abortion Care How to find spiritual and emotional peace after abortion. Since your abortion(s), have you experienced any of these emotional side effects? Alcohol or Drug Abuse Depression Relationship Problems Anniversary Syndrome Eating Disorders Nightmares and Flashbacks Suicidal Thoughts Changed attitude toward children Sensitivity to sound You’re not alone. We have a confidential and… Read more »

Thinking About Abortion?

You may not need an abortion. Am I really pregnant? It’s possible to have a positive pregnancy test and not be pregnant. The best way to confirm your pregnancy is through an ultrasound exam. We offer pregnancy testing and ultrasound exams. How far along am I ? How far along you are will determine what kind of… Read more »